Mawingo Weanlings Impressing Onlookers

Inglis staff were in the state this week inspecting weanlings and were very impressed with the strong precocious types which Mawingo has left on the ground. Mawingo’s oldest progeny in Tasmania are weanlings and he is well represented after covering a good book of mares in his first season. Inglis staff selected a number of strong, early types that they believed would sell very well in their upcoming weanling sale in Victoria. Being such a great racehorse and being well known to mainland buyers Mawingo’s progeny are expected to be sought after on both the mainland and in Tasmania. Grenville have 8 weanlings by Mawingo and we are really looking forward to selling them as we are sure they will be very well received by buyers due to his credentials as a sire but also due to the excellent types they are.